Our Mission: Saving the Environment!

We only have one planet. Even if we’d like to think that the bounty of the earth is infinite, it’s not. Unconsciously or not, we abuse the earth’s resources and if it runs out, it may not be possible to repair or replenish them.

In a United Nations report, climate change is the defining issue of our time. From the rising sea levels to the shifting weather patterns, the impact of climate change can truly be catastrophic unless everyone – the government, the industries, and all of us share the responsibility of saving Mother Earth. It is everyone’s obligation to preserve and protect our planet for future generations.

Most of the things mentioned in this list not only save the environment but will also save you money. Truly win-win!

Conserve Water

There are many ways to conserve water and with American families consuming 127,400 gallons of water a year, households can help immensely in avoiding water waste. We all need to remember that freshwater is a limited resource, and a costly one. We need to practice using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage.

You can start by breaking a bad habit: turn off the faucet when not in use. By not letting the water run needlessly while brushing teeth, washing hands, and rinsing dishes, we can already save 2 gallons of water per minute. You should also consider watering the plants by hand as it saves 33 percent water compared to an automatic irrigation system. Much better if you can capture rainwater for use in the garden.

Homeowners should also fix water leaks that account for one trillion gallons of water waste in the United States. Start by repairing dripping faucets, showerheads, and toilet flappers.